S800-SCL-SR is ABB’s innovative self-resetting current limiting module which considerably increases the short-circuit breaking capacity of downstream manual motor starters and high performance MCBs. The S800-SCL-SR is a self-resetting short-circuit current-limiter. The major advantage of S800-SCL-SR is the ability for continuous group protection. The S800-SCL-SR protects all downstream devices up to 100kA. In case of a fault current in one of the motor circuits the resulting short-circuit current is limited and only the faulty branch is cut off. After the downstream device has tripped, the S800-SCL-SR contacts re-close automatically. All other downstream devices continue to operate without interruption. Main benefits include Maximum system availability by automatic re-closing of the limiter contacts after fault clearing; Selectivity and back-up protection in one device; Upgrades systems up to 100kA; High voltage range up to 690V AC & Group protection without interruption. Main features include S800-SCL-SR is available as IEC version (1-2-3 pole) and IEC/UL version (3-pole) & Combined with S800S-B/C/D/K/KM, MS/MO325, MS/MO132, MS132-T.