Residual Current Devices Accessories

ABB System pro M compact© is the most complete range of miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices on the market. This established system provides all the required accessories to complete your installation. The accessory range for RCDs is wide-ranging and consists of auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases, motor operating devices and automatic reclosing units. Various options and assembly schemes with devices are possible. Main benefits include Extend and combine functionalities of different products within the System pro M compact©; Increase safety and comfort performance of the installation & Easy "plug and play" coupling of products. Main features include Shunt trips, overvoltage and under voltage releases ensure the control of associated RCCBs depending on the voltage supplied; Motor operating units allow remote control of RCCBs; Auxiliary and signal contacts ensure better monitoring of the installation & Auto-reclosing units guarantee non-stop protection of the RCCB in case of nuisance tripping. Before purchase, please check carefully if your selected accessory is compatible to your product.