ABB NF contactor relays are featuring AF technology as standard. The electronically controlled coil offers multiple benefits over conventional alternatives, and together with ABB's wide product offering, an optimal configuration, every time. Main benefits include Optimize logistics and cut administration costs with fewer product variants to handle; Access global support and use the same products in all parts of the world; A reduction of the coil's energy consumption by 80% lets you save energy & Secure your uptime by letting the AF technology overbridge voltage drops and sags. Main features include 4 and 8-pole ranges available, 8-poles with permanently fixed 4-pole auxiliary contact block; Screw, spring and ring tongue connection types available; Built-in surge suppression; Overlapping of lagging / leading contacts for NF33/11 and NF51/11 variants; Easy-to-use accessories through snap-to-connect function & Mechanically linked contacts.