Fencing System Accessories

ABB Jokab offers a wide selection of accessories for our fencing system Quick Guard. Our patented screw-lock system makes it simple to assemble and dismantle the fencing sys­tem. The nut has several advantages, it can easily be located into the profile and automatically positions itself when the screw is turned 90 degrees clockwise. When in this position the bracket being fixed can be adjusted as required and locked by turning the screw further clockwise. To remove the bracket the fixing screw is turned anti-clockwise until the nut is in line with the profile slot. With this panic exit device, a door can be locked from the outside with a key and still be opened from the inside if a person would be locked inside the dangerous zone by mistake. A mounting kit facilitates easy installation on our Quick-Guard fencing system. Main benefits include Pre-assembled for faster mounting; Easy mounting on our Quick-Guard fences & All brackets in stainless steel for a longer life. Main features include Always possible to open the door from the inside; For conventional doors with 600-1270 mm openings; Possible to lock with key. Supplied with three keys & Fits both left and right hand door.