Safety Sensor, Switch & Lock

ABB Jokab Safety Sensors, switches and locks are used to control the gates and hatches around hazardous machinery, and to monitor the position of a machine. Devices for the dynamic signal (Pluto safety PLC/Vital safety controller) include Eden non-contact sensor; Magne magnetic process lock; Dalton process lock with tongue & Knox safety and process lock. Devices for all types of safety controllers include Eden non-contact sensor; Sense non-contact sensor; MKey5 key switch & MKey8 and MKey9 process lock.

ABB Dalton Compact Process Locks Distributors

ABB Jokab Dalton is a process lock intended to prevent unnecessary process stops. It can be used either as a stand-alone lock or integrated with the Eden safety sensor. In the unlocked state the door is held closed by a ball catch and in locked state the balls are mechanically blocked so the lock tongue cannot be pulled out. It can be installed with its opening in different directions, and is easy to fit due to its low height. The Dalton process lock has a modular structure and can be combined in different ways depending on position, installation and function. You choose the lock housing, lock tongue and fixing plate yourself to create a complete Dalton. Main benefits include Small and robust; Serial connection of integrated safety sensors in accordance with Cat 4; Withstands harsh environment; Low current consumption & LED facilitates troubleshooting. Main features include Enclosure in anodized aluminum, tongue in stainless steel; IP67 & Up to PL e/Cat 4, SIL3.

ABB Eden Non-Contact Safety Sensors Distributors

ABB Jokab Safety Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used as interlocking device for e.g. doors and safe position monitoring. Eden consists of two parts: Adam and Eva. Adam senses the presence of Eva without mechanical contact and therefore without any wear. The compact size of Eden and its 360° mounting possibility make it easy to use in most applications. Different models of Eden are available for different types of control modules. All Eden models make it very easy to reach PL e, often using fewer components than other solutions. All Eden models have an IP67/IP69K sealing.

ABB Knox Safety & Process Locks Distributors

ABB Jokab Knox can be used either as a safety lock to a cell/line with long stopping time, or as a process lock to prevent unnecessary process stops. The locking function is electrically controlled and retains its position (unlocked/locked) in the event of a power failure. The handles operate as they would on a normal door but the exterior handle also has a reset function, eliminating the need for a separate reset button. It is always possible to open the door from the inside, using the emergency release handle. Main benefits include Safe locking for machines with long stop time; Robust construction; Stainless steel for harsh environments; No need for extra reset button; Emergency release handle on the inside & Serial connection of integrated safety sensors in accordance with Cat 4. Main features include Stainless steel; M12 connector; Models for different types of doors, including sliding doors; Process locks also available & Up to PL e/Cat 4, SIL3, for the interlocking and the locking.

ABB Magne Magnetic Process Locks Distributors

ABB Jokab Magne is an electromagnetic lock intended for electrical locking of doors and hatches with a holding force of up to 1500 N. Magne is usually used when access to the dangerous zone and the consequent stopping of the machine might only happen when specific conditions are met, at the end of the cycle for example. Magne 3 is a non-safe lock and must be associated to a safety interlocking device in safety applications. Magne 4 integrates an Eden safety sensor and the interlocking function can reach up to a PL e/SIL3. Main benefits include Larger mounting tolerances than mechanical locks facilitates installation; All the advantages of the integrated Eden safety sensor with Magne 4; Extensive indication reduces downtime & Less wear than a mechanical lock since there are no moving parts. Main features include Less wear than mechanical lock; Holding force up to 1500 N; Up to PLe/SIL 3 with only one device; M12 connectors speed up installation & Possible to connect in series with Eden sensors and Tina units.

ABB Mkey Safety Switches Distributors

ABB Jokab MKey safety switches are intended for detecting the position of moving guards. They are designed to fit the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards. MKey switches have rotary heads which provides ease of mounting and offer different actuator entry positions. The MKey switches are available in several versions to meet different needs. Depending on the environment where the switch will be used, different material can be chosen. For extra durability, stainless steel versions are available. Main benefits include Easy mounting with rotating head; Stainless steel models for extra durability & EX-proof models. Main features include Plastic, plastic with stainless steel and totally stainless steel models; Spring-lock and electro-magnetic lock models; IP69K & Model with escape release.

ABB Sense Non-Contact Safety Sensors Distributors

ABB Jokab Sense is a non-contact safety sensor for interlocked doors and safe position sensing. The safety sensor is used to assure that a machine stops when a door or hatch is opened. It can also monitor that a robot is standing still in a monitored position when someone enters the robots working area. A non-contact safety sensor consists of two complementary parts that can sense each others presence without mechanical contact. This enables more flexible mounting compared to traditional mechanical switches. Sense is constantly communicating between the two parts and any failure will directly lead to a stop signal. Sense works together with all of our control modules.

ABB Accessories for Sensors, Switches & Locks Distributors
Safety Sensor, Switch & Lock Accessories

On this page you can find information about ABB Jokab accessories for the following products: Eden non-contact sensor; Magne magnetic process lock; Dalton process lock with tongue; Knox safety and process lock; Sense non-contact sensor; MKey5 key switch; MKey8 and MKey9 process lock & Fixa handheld terminal for sensors.