ABB Jokab Knox can be used either as a safety lock to a cell/line with long stopping time, or as a process lock to prevent unnecessary process stops. The locking function is electrically controlled and retains its position (unlocked/locked) in the event of a power failure. The handles operate as they would on a normal door but the exterior handle also has a reset function, eliminating the need for a separate reset button. It is always possible to open the door from the inside, using the emergency release handle. Main benefits include Safe locking for machines with long stop time; Robust construction; Stainless steel for harsh environments; No need for extra reset button; Emergency release handle on the inside & Serial connection of integrated safety sensors in accordance with Cat 4. Main features include Stainless steel; M12 connector; Models for different types of doors, including sliding doors; Process locks also available & Up to PL e/Cat 4, SIL3, for the interlocking and the locking.