Urax Adapter Units

ABB Jokab Urax are adaptation devices for the AS-i bus that enables the connection of safety sensors and non-safe products to AS-i safety. Urax has the capability to connect multiple sensors in series to the highest level of safety. Urax safety node is available in several versions, and is designed for a variety of safety components. Main benefits include Easy adaptation of safety devices to the AS-i system; Less cabling; Cost saving with serial connection of safety devices in accordance with Cat 4 & Automatic recognition by Pluto Safety PLC. Main features include Urax-A1/A1R , for dynamic sensors; Urax-B1R, for dynamic sensors with higher current; Urax-C1/C1R, for sensors with two-channel structure; Urax-D1R, for light curtains and light grids (OSSD) & Urax-E1, for two-hand devices (simultaneity requirement).