Surge Protective Devices

ABB OVR range is designed to prevent electrical systems and equipment against transitory surges and impulses caused by lightning and operations on the electrical grid. Main benefits include Discharges the surge coming from lightning events (direct & indirects impacts) or from switching operations; Limits the peak of voltage to an acceptable level for the end equipment & Increases the quality of service and equipment lifespan. Main features include Complete range of Surge Protective Devices for all applications: low-voltage power, data, telecom, CCTV PV, WT, LED and self-protected; Fully equipped: End of life indicator, safety reserve system, pluggable, auxiliary contacts & Range available for all electrical networks (TT, TNC, TNS, IT).

ABB Datalines Surge Protective Devices Distributors

ABB OVR TC SPDs are for fine protection of telephonic equipment, IT devices and BUS systems connected to low-voltage signal lines. Main benefits include OVR TC family offers a reliable surge protection to dataline networks for datacenters, water treatment installations or wind turbine installations; With the RJ45 sockets they allow a flexible and easy installation & Cartridges can be removed and replaced at the end of their lives while the sockets remain reusable. Main features include Discharge capcity : 10KA in 8/20; Load current 140mA & From 6V to 200V d.c.

ABB OPR External Lightning Protection Devices Distributors
OPR External Lightning

ABB OPR active system that is give a large area of protection to protect large scale solar installations. Main benefits include Protects infrastructure and people against direct lightning impacts; arge radius of protection up to 107m in a level 4 of protection & Patented technology. Main Features include Stainless steel lightning rod; tandalone system & Follows NFC 17-102 standard.

ABB OVR PV Surge Protective Devices Distributors

A unique product range on the market! As installed outside PV installations are subject to overvoltages coming from atmospherical discharges. We have a range of Surge Protective Devices especially designed to deal with the specificity of the photovoltaic installations. Further to the existing OVR PV 600 and 1000V ABB introduce now a new rating of 1500VDC in our photovoltaic SPD offer that gives us now the most complete offer on the market. This one have been especially designed to meet the expected trend in development of large scale 1500VDC utility power plants. With this new range of OVR, ABB didn’t want only to follow the photovoltaic market trend that it’s looking for higher voltages, but ABB wanted to launch a real one-its-kind product and establish a new benchmark in regards to SPDs. On top of that further improvements have been introduced to achieve amazing performances such as a prospective short circuit current up to 10kA, which is unique in the market. Main benefits include Cost & size saving! No need of additional protection as our OVR PV 1000 & 1500 VDC are self-protected up to 10kA! We ensure at the same time a safer installation by reducing the risk of fire in the installation; Prevent extra cost! Designed for the future! Consultant can make his design right now with products that are complying already to the upcoming standard. No time losses to reshape an existing design & Last but not least: Safety without compromise! All our PV range is fitted with a patented thermal disconnection for small DC current present in PV installation. Main Features include From 600VDC for small installation to 1000VDC and 1500VDC for large scale solar farms; A range of Type 1 OVR PV for solar installation that are protected with External Llightning Protection & IEC and UL certified range.

ABB OVR PV 1500 Surge Protective Devices Distributors
OVR PV 1500

The photovoltaic market is on the way to move now to higher voltages beyond 1000V applications and so far the range available with us was composed of two rating to fit 600V and 1000VDC installations only. Citing this new trend we have detected this tendency early enough and are pleased to announce the launch of the new rating in our ABB PV range 1500V DC. With this introduction we are the firsts to be able to have a solution for such applications. Main benefits include Better return on investment! Better return on investment for the end user! We are so far the only one that allows the use of PV SPDs in 1500VDC installation, thanks to higher voltage the solar panels can produce more energy even in cloudy conditions allowing at the same time the end customer to earn more; Cost saving! No need of additional protection as ABB OVR PV 1500VDC is self-protected up to 10 kA! We ensure at the same time a safer installation by reducing the risk of fire in the installation; Prevent extra cost! Designed for the future! Consultant can make his design right now with products that are complying already to the upcoming standard. No time losses to reshape an existing design & Last but not least: Safety without compromise! All our PV range is fitted with a patented thermal disconnection for small DC current present in PV installation. Main Features include Complies with EN 50539-11 (Edition 2013 11) first standard in the world to prescribe tests to guarantee safety of overvoltage surge protective devices in photovoltaic facilities; Maximum operating voltage of 1500VDC; Available in IEC and UL version & Self-protected against short circuit at the end of life of the product up to 10 KA.

ABB OVR Quicksafe Surge Protective Devices Distributors
OVR Quicksafe

ABB QuickSafe is our new generation of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) with improved performances! Thanks to innovative technology this new range of OVR covers residential and industrial applications with an extremely good protection level, simple installation and preventive maintenance. All according to the upcoming new standard IEC/EN 61643-11. Main benefits include A complete and consistent offer: single phase, 1N, 3N, 3L and 4L to fit every IEC network and with every option a customer may require: pluggable protection modules, auxiliary signaling contact, safety reserve system; Wide application range to adapt to particular needs. Products are categorized as more than one Type, choose among T1+T2, T2, T2+T3 depending on technical and economic needs; Easy identification, our products are clearly marked as Surge Protective Devices to guarantee easy identification within the switchboard & The pluggable feature allows time saving when performing dielectric tests in electrical switchboards (according to IEC 61439-2 and IEC 61 60364-6). These standards are used by panel builders and maintenance companies. Main Features include They can be installed in industrial facilities for short circuit currents up to 100kA. One range for all installations, to cover wide industrial applications; No need of dedicated back up protection for OVR T2 and T2-T3 QS up to 125A and up to 160A for OVR T1-T2; Securely fastened; the protector clicks into the base both with audible and tactile feedback. Installation is carried quickly and without tools thanks to the mounting-rail click & Easy connection; our new SPDs accept both flexible cables and rigid bus bars connections.

ABB OVR SL Surge Protective Devices Distributors

ABB OVR SL is a dedicate SPD for lighting applications, and more specifically to prevent risks related to lightning surges in LED lamp posts. With this new product, ABB is giving a high quality solution for LED lamp post manufacturers and saving hours of maintenance to city councils. There is in Europe more than 90 millions of lamp post installed and each year there is 10% of these that are renewed, the market is huge! The lighting world is now moving from the traditional bulbs to LED, in 2020 50% of the installation will be LED. OVR SL is the reliable solution to protect LED drivers in lighting. Main benefits include Allows continuity of lighting service even in the event of lightning strike; Reduced maintenance costs due to long service lifetime. This prevents service interruptions, damage and constant replacement of lamps, which are difficult to access without appropriate equipment (e.g. cradle lifts); Easy equipment inspection thanks to a display of SPD state & Quick replacement of the product as this one can be placed at the botton of the pole. Main Features include Very good protection protection level for LED drivers thanks to its low Up (1,1 KV) and highest protection thanks to its high level of discharge current (Imax = 15 kA); With ist compact size (17,5 mm) it fits in small power enclosure that are installed at the bottom of the lamp post and this for easier maintenance; Pre wirred to save time for technician and bottom wired to avoid condensation issues & High protection indice (IP32) for a better resistance to severe climatic and dirt conditions.

ABB OVR WT 3L 690 PTS Surge Protective Devices Distributors

Due to their height (over 100 meters) and location, wind turbine are often exposed to direct & indirect lightning strike consequences i.e: transient surges, overvoltages and over currents. These induced consequences will directly affect power and signal leads and damage costly equipment. Actual variable-speed wind turbines are equipped with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled inverters using IGBT or IGCT in order to regulate their output voltage and frequency. These technologies, if not filtered properly, generate peak transient overvoltages surperimposed on the PWM control voltage. It is therefore necessary to use SPDs with a specific withstand to these PWM, the repetitive peak voltage withstand characteristics (Urp), on the lines between the converter and the generator either in Doubly-Fed or Full-Converter electrical drive train. That’s why ABB provides OVR WT Surge Protective Device to keep the system running and reduces downtime events by protecting close to the rotor bearing and to the converter. Main benefits include Better return on investment for end user!, thanks to high protection features the wind turbine can produce more energy even in stormy conditions allowing at the same time the end customer to earn more; Preventive maintenance! Thanks to the auxiliary contact option, end user can monitor if the SPD is still operating or not; Fast and safe maintenance! No need to replace the complete product when SPD reaches its end of life. Thanks to the pluggable feature, cartridges can be replaced without isolating the wires & Last but not least: Cartridge locks included to ensure correct positioning of the plug in part. Thus, we ensure unwanted unplugging of the cartridges due to the vibrations induced by the application, especially when the SPD is installed on the wind turbine generator itself. Main Features include Type 1 and Type 2; Full protection: association of MOVs and spark gap able to withstand repetitive peak voltages (Urp) up to 3400 V; Taught Maximal continuous operating voltage Uc up to 1260V (P-G) and 2520 V (P-P) & Complies with IEC 61643-1/ IEC 61643-11.

ABB SPD Class I Surge Protective Devices Distributors
SPD Class I

ABB OVR type 1 and type 1+2 are designed to discharge high current surges without any destruction of the installation. This surge protective device is chararcterized by its capacity to withstand impulse current with 10/350 µs wave form which simulate direct impact coming from a natural lightning current. Type 1 and Type 1+2 SPDs are placed at the entrance point of the installation, in the main distribution board for a global protection of this installation. Main benefits include The impulse current of 25kA per pole (10/350 µs wave) satisfies all requirements for overvoltage surge protection; The early creation of the electric arc by its electronic ignition device reduces the protection level Up to an optimum value of 2,5kV & OVR T1 SPDs contain a dedicated arc chamber for extinguishing the electrical arc following the discharge, they can open short circuits up to 50kA without using back up protection. Main features include limp 25kA and 12.5kA; 3 types of follow current (If) 50, 15 and 7kA & Spark gap and varistor technology.

ABB SPD Class II Surge Protective Devices Distributors
SPD Class II

ABB OVR type 2 and Type 2+3 are designed to protect electric installations and sensitive equipments against indirect surges with ensuring a low protection level (Up). It is characterized by its capacity to safely discharge current with 8/20 µs wave form. Main benefits include OVR T2 and T2+3 SPDs are available in specific multi-pole versions for all distribution systems; For all versions the maximum protection level Up is 1.25 kV, a value suitable for the protection of all terminal equipment, even the most sensitive & Safety reserve system on OVR T2s for an extended protection of the equipments. Main features include Imax 20kA, 40kA and 80kA; Up 1kV, 1.4kV and 1.5kV & Uc (a.c/d.c) 75V, 150V, 275V, 350V, 440V, 600 V and 760V.

ABB SPD Class III Surge Protective Devices Distributors

ABB OVR type 3 shall be installed as close as possible from the sensitive equipement to protect. Tested with a 1,2/50 - 8/20 current combination wave generator, they ensure a very low protection level voltage value. Main benefits include Extremely low level of protection voltage value that is suitable for all sensitive terminal equipments; Good value of Imax 10kA & Common and differential mode of protection. Main features include Imax 10kA; Up 900V & Uc 275V and 440V.

ABB Surge Protective Devices for Data Applications Distributors
SPD for Data Applications

ABB OVR data range of SPDs are designed to protect equipment connected to data lines to complement the OVR power products and offer a complete system protection solution (power & data). The comprehensive range includes protection for twisted pair data lines (including hazardous environments), HART and PROFIBUS and RTD systems. Main benefits include Best in class equipment and system protection against lightning and electrical switching surges; High reliability - will provided repeated protection even in lightning intense environments; Minimal system interference thanks to low in line resistance and high frequency bandwidth & Used with OVR power SPDs - provides complete system protection. Main Features include Easy application based product selection - e.g. OVR RS485 for RS485 line protection; Best in class surge voltage reduction levels between all connections (modes of protection); Multiple formats (plug-in modules, 3 and 8 wire options) for easy system integration & Compact, space critical designs.

ABB Surge Protective Devices Accessories Distributors
Surge Protective Devices Accessories

ABB lock accessories are designed to enhance your SPD when you need to install it in stressful environments as the nazelle of the wind turbines. Main benefits include Accessories for Auxiliary contact (TS); Accessories for cartridges & Bus Bar to connect the SPD to the back-up protection. Before purchase, please check carefully if your selected accessory is compatible to your product.