A unique product range on the market! As installed outside PV installations are subject to overvoltages coming from atmospherical discharges. We have a range of Surge Protective Devices especially designed to deal with the specificity of the photovoltaic installations. Further to the existing OVR PV 600 and 1000V ABB introduce now a new rating of 1500VDC in our photovoltaic SPD offer that gives us now the most complete offer on the market. This one have been especially designed to meet the expected trend in development of large scale 1500VDC utility power plants. With this new range of OVR, ABB didn’t want only to follow the photovoltaic market trend that it’s looking for higher voltages, but ABB wanted to launch a real one-its-kind product and establish a new benchmark in regards to SPDs. On top of that further improvements have been introduced to achieve amazing performances such as a prospective short circuit current up to 10kA, which is unique in the market. Main benefits include Cost & size saving! No need of additional protection as our OVR PV 1000 & 1500 VDC are self-protected up to 10kA! We ensure at the same time a safer installation by reducing the risk of fire in the installation; Prevent extra cost! Designed for the future! Consultant can make his design right now with products that are complying already to the upcoming standard. No time losses to reshape an existing design & Last but not least: Safety without compromise! All our PV range is fitted with a patented thermal disconnection for small DC current present in PV installation. Main Features include From 600VDC for small installation to 1000VDC and 1500VDC for large scale solar farms; A range of Type 1 OVR PV for solar installation that are protected with External Llightning Protection & IEC and UL certified range.