Cardinal Process Technology is the only filter manufacturer that can reduce the number of filter purchases your company makes each year. Buying Cardinal filters online from Valin standardizes and streamlines your filtration needs. You no longer need to purchase the variety of filters needed for your process from multiple suppliers as you can source all of them from Valin.
Cardinal Cartridge Filters
Choose from a selection of Cardinal Cartridge Filter products.
Cardinal Filter Bags
Filter Bags
Choose from a selection of Cardinal Filter Bag products.
Cardinal Pleated Filters
Cardinal offers a wide range of cartridge filters that are manufactured in two different grades of media, polypropylene and polyester. They're also available in six different micron ratings, two standard diameters and eight standard lengths, which means you're sure to find a filter that fits whatever application you're working on.
Cardinal String Wound
String Wound
Cardinal wound filter cartridges provide a true depth of filtration, using thousands of tapered filtering passages of controlled sizes and shapes. Wound cartridges offer a gradual pressure increase during cartridge life, versus surface-type media that have an abrupt flow cutoff when loaded. In addition, the irregular outer layer reduces surface blinding, assuring longer cartridge life and full cartridge dirt-holding capacity utilization.