Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation. The Swiss company, headquartered in Corminboeuf near Fribourg (CH), has a unique and innovative range of products whose features far surpass those of standard sensors. As an innovator of high-tech sensing equipment, Contrinex's business is to provide customers with significant technical advantages that will support their success. Sensors from Contrinex, the leader in intelligent sensor technology, ensure excellent data quality. To communicate that data, all Contrinex inductive and photoelectric ASIC sensors will be equipped with IO-Link as standard. Customers use either the sensor’s binary PNP output or its intelligent IO-Link interface. Both are available in one and the same device. Another advantage is the fact that, with Contrinex sensors, there is no extra charge for IO-Link. This makes them not only quick and simple to install, but also highly economic. As the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators, IO-Link is crucial to the 4th Industrial Revolution. By installing Contrinex ASIC sensors with IO-Link, users can make themselves fit for the future.
Contrinex Capacitive Sensors Distributors
Capacitive Sensors

Robust and extremely versatile, Contrinex capacitive sensors detect position or presence of conductive and non-conductive materials, including liquids, pastes and bulk solids. Rechner capacitive technology permits detection of targets through thin non-metallic barriers, ideal for controlling packaging and filling processes.

Contrinex Connectivity Distributors

To ensure you have the right cables and cable connectors for your application, Contrinex offers a range of products that are not only quick and easy to use, but also tailored to your needs. Impervious and cleaning resistant cable sets are available for applications that require an intensive wash-down. ECOLAB certified cables and connectors are also provided to meet food-safe application requirements. Use our connectors, cables and distribution boxes for speedy setup times and optimum system implementation.

Contrinex Inductive Sensors Distributors
Inductive Sensors

Robust and highly reliable, Contrinex inductive sensors are the fit-and-forget choice for non-contact detection of metallic targets at distances up to 40 mm. Vacuum-encapsulated electronics and metal housings protect against shock, vibration, dust, dirt and moisture, making inductive sensors ideal for highly demanding conditions. An inductive sensor generates a magnetic field that is attenuated by a metal target. As a sensor nears its target, a sensing circuit detects the degree of attenuation and switches the output accordingly. Patented Condist® oscillator circuitry allows best-in-class operating distances, while all-metal construction - including the sensing face - is possible with revolutionary Condet® technology. Designers everywhere specify Contrinex inductive sensors as industrial limit switches and position switches, as pulse-counting devices, or for distance and speed measurement.

Contrinex Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Photoelectric Sensors

A reflex, or reflective, Contrinex photoelectric sensor contains a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing, and emits a pulsed, focused light beam through a polarization filter toward a distant reflector. Reflected light returns to the sensor, passing through a second filter before arriving at the receiver. When a target object interrupts the light beam, the receiver detects the reduced light intensity and triggers the sensor.

Contrinex RFID Distributors

Contrinex RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used in numerous automation and logistics applications. Durable electronic labels (called transponders or tags) allow objects to be identified throughout production and logistics processes, storing essential data for tracking, tracing and quality assurance. No line of sight is required. Our RFID solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industry: networked automation, flexible assembly and production, warehousing and logistics. Our expertise in full-metal sensing technology also brings you the most durable all-metal tags available in low-frequency technology. Our high frequency system allows up to 253 addresses to be accessed from a control console. Use our RFID solutions to eliminate costly errors in complex operations, maximize quality and speed-to-market, and rationalize material flow.

Contrinex Safety Products Distributors

At Contrinex, safety comes first. By offering innovative, reliable safety products, we aim to reduce workplace accidents worldwide. Our solutions are also highly ergonomic, with a positive effect on system availability and overall productivity. Safetinex light curtains and access control barriers have been designed by Contrinex to provide high quality safeguarding for both personnel and machinery. The full range comprises light curtains of Type 2 or 4 according to the international standard ISO 13849. Resolution is suitable to protect hands (30 mm), fingers (14 mm) or full body (3 to 6 beams). A choice of standard or slim profile is also available in various lengths up to almost 2 meters. Our light curtains are produced in 5 different sites worldwide, allowing shorter lead times and greater cost efficiency. They are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from the industrial press machine to the pharmaceutical assembly line. For any machine requiring a fixed guard-door or cover, Contrinex also proposes safety sensors with either a magnetic or RFID operating principle. Magnetic sensors are a very economical way of monitoring whether a door is open or closed. Thanks to non-contact switching and coded communication, the service life of these compact sensors is very long. Housings are ECOLAB-approved and rated to IP6K9K, making them suitable for washdown applications. RFID technology enables the user to assign a unique code to each sensor and actuator system, which greatly reduces the risk of tampering. Safety RFID sensors from Contrinex can also be connected in series via the OSSD output and inputs, allowing up to 30 sensors to connect with just one relay or controller. Thanks to their serial connection capability, they are particularly suitable for applications using multiple sensors, such as long packaging or assembly lines. All our safety sensors are certified by TUV and most of them are also certified by UL laboratories.

Contrinex Ultrasonic Sensors Distributors
Ultrasonic Sensors

Contrinex ultrasonic sensors provide reliable, non-contact detection of solid,liquid, granular or powdered materials in air, tolerating precipitation, humidity, dust and fumes. Target materials may be colored, transparent, polished or matt; detection is practically independent of the target’s direction of travel. Diffuse-mode and reflex sensors emit bursts of high-frequency sound waves toward a target, measuring the time elapsed until an echo is received. They contain a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing. Ultrasonic sensors are compensated for temperature variation, but are unsuitable for use with very hot targets. The technology is ideal for distance measurement and presence- or proximity-detection at moderate distances.

Contrinex Accessories Distributors
Contrinex Accessories

Save time on installation and ensure perfect sensor stability by using Contrinex sensor clamps and clamp bases. Then test your system with the Contrinex sensor tester for fast, efficient commissioning and maintenance. A power supply is also available as a Contrinex accessory, together with a range of approved amplifiers.