Photoelectric Sensors

A reflex, or reflective, Contrinex photoelectric sensor contains a transmitter and a receiver in a single housing, and emits a pulsed, focused light beam through a polarization filter toward a distant reflector. Reflected light returns to the sensor, passing through a second filter before arriving at the receiver. When a target object interrupts the light beam, the receiver detects the reduced light intensity and triggers the sensor.

Contrinex Cubic Compact Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cubic Compact

Contrinex C55 series (50 mm x 50 mm x 23 mm) uses time-of-flight (TOF) technology to measure long distances up to 5000 mm. With an IP69K enclosure rating and Ecolab approval, these sensors are ideal for the food industry. A background suppression type is also available.

Contrinex Cubic Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cubic Miniature

Contrinex Miniature photoelectric sensors provide market-leading performance and reliability in rugged, industry-standard housings to ensure excellent resistance to machine vibration or shock from accidental impact. They are recommended for general automation in the printing, packaging or machine tool industries, and for electronic assembly or mechanical handling systems. Ideal for applications where space is tight, they also offer best-in-class sensing distances. Available technologies include diffuse sensing, polarized reflex sensing, through-beam sensing and amplifiers. Versions with excellent background suppression allow ultra-reliable target detection, even against light backgrounds. For applications where precise sensing is required but space is limited, the range includes fiber-optic amplifiers that allow the sensor housing to be mounted remotely. The C23 series (20 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm) of miniature cubic sensors offers solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. With IO-Link communication on all PNP-type sensors, the C23 series bridges the gap between machines and the digital world to meet the demands of smart factories. The C23 distance measurement sensor (20 mm x 34 mm x 12 mm) uses triangulation technology to offer precise measurement in an IP69K rated, cubic housing. Distance measurement is also possible by utilizing the analog voltage outputs available on other cubic models.

Contrinex Cubic Small Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cubic Small

Contrinex Cubic (40 mm x 40/50 mm) models are suitable for industrial applications including packaging and wrapping machinery, filling systems and general automated equipment. Available in diffuse (energetic or background-suppression), polarized and non-polarized reflex or through-beam technologies with glass or coated-plastic windows, they are insensitive to high levels of ambient light. Best-in-class background suppression allows ultra-reliable target detection, even against light backgrounds. All models feature LED indication of signal degradation if the sensing face is obscured or becomes contaminated, eliminating the risk of errors or lost production. Mounted in a robust, industry-standard 40 mm x 50 mm x 15 mm housing, these sensors are Ecolab approved and rated to IP 67. The range includes amplifiers and color sensors with 3 different teachable shades of color and 5 levels of tolerance. For precise print mark detection, contrast sensors are available with excellent contrast resolution, a high switching frequency (up to 10 kHz) five tolerance levels and IO-Link.

Contrinex Cubic Subminiature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cubic Subminiature

Contrinex Cubic Subminiature range of diffuse sensors packs exceptional position- and presence-sensing performance into the smallest self-contained photoelectric sensors on the market. With a 5 mm x 7 mm stainless-steel housing and a narrowly focused, cylindrical light beam, these sensors are suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting directly on the supporting surface. Best-in-class sensing distances of up to 90 mm allow them to be positioned at a safe distance from the target. The C12 Series (13.5 mm x 21.8 mm x 7.7 mm) with small visible light spot thanks to red pinpoint LED offers long sensing ranges up to 2000 mm in a through-beam type and 3000 mm in a polarized reflex type. Two background suppression types are available with fixed sensing ranges up to 15 mm or 30 mm. A third type with 3-turn potentiometer (13.5 mm x 27.5 mm x 7.7 mm) reliably detects objects up to 120 mm.

Contrinex Cylindrical Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cylindrical Miniature

Contrinex M12 photoelectric sensors provide market-leading performance and reliability in a rugged miniature package that ensures excellent resistance to shock and accidental impact. Best-in-class sensing distances are achieved utilizing through-beam, diffuse or polarized reflex sensing principles, with the 1120L laser through-beam sensor suitable for extended sensing ranges up to 50 meters.

Contrinex Cylindrical Small Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cylindrical Small

Small, rugged and highly reliable, Contrinex M18 photoelectric sensors are ideal for demanding industrial environments, including automotive assembly, packaging machinery, conveyor systems and general automation equipment. A comprehensive range comprises diffuse sensors (both energetic and background-suppression variants), reflex sensors and through-beam sensors with the option of either axial or lateral sensing.

Contrinex Cylindrical Subminiature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors
Cylindrical Subminiature

Contrinex Cylindrical Subminiature range packs exceptional position- and presence-sensing performance into the smallest self-contained photoelectric sensors on the market. Designers have the choice of through-beam or diffuse sensors in ø4 and M5 cylindrical metal housings that offer multiple mounting methods and beam orientation. For fully embedded applications, sensors with spherical sapphire-glass lenses produce focused, cylindrical light beams.

Contrinex Infrared Light Grids Distributors
Light Grids

The use of Contrinex infrared light grids for non-contact measurement offers many advantages, including fast response times, reliable detection of the most varied objects and immunity to interference from ambient light. Potential applications for these keen-eyed, robust sensors are to be found in such fields of application as logistics or automated packaging systems and in harsh environments such as warehouses and the wood industry. With the DGI (detection) and MGI (measurement) series, Contrinex presents compact infrared light grids as a robust plug-and-play solution. With a cross-section of only 40 x 20.5 mm, these space-saving devices are easily integrated into different systems. DGI types offer detection heights up to 2010 mm and are capable of detecting objects with diameters of 0.9, 2, 4, 8 or 25 mm, depending on type. With response times between 0.8 and 4.8 ms, even small objects moving at high speed can be reliably detected and counted. Fields of application include the production of small parts or foil, packaging equipment and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to detecting the presence of an object, MGI measurement types can also determine its dimensions and position. These sensors offer measurement heights up to 1438 mm and a resolution of 5 or 12 mm. Measurements are output as analog values of 0-10 V or as a 4-20 mA signal.