Cubic Small

Contrinex Cubic (40 mm x 40/50 mm) models are suitable for industrial applications including packaging and wrapping machinery, filling systems and general automated equipment. Available in diffuse (energetic or background-suppression), polarized and non-polarized reflex or through-beam technologies with glass or coated-plastic windows, they are insensitive to high levels of ambient light. Best-in-class background suppression allows ultra-reliable target detection, even against light backgrounds. All models feature LED indication of signal degradation if the sensing face is obscured or becomes contaminated, eliminating the risk of errors or lost production. Mounted in a robust, industry-standard 40 mm x 50 mm x 15 mm housing, these sensors are Ecolab approved and rated to IP 67. The range includes amplifiers and color sensors with 3 different teachable shades of color and 5 levels of tolerance. For precise print mark detection, contrast sensors are available with excellent contrast resolution, a high switching frequency (up to 10 kHz) five tolerance levels and IO-Link.