Contrinex RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used in numerous automation and logistics applications. Durable electronic labels (called transponders or tags) allow objects to be identified throughout production and logistics processes, storing essential data for tracking, tracing and quality assurance. No line of sight is required. Our RFID solutions are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industry: networked automation, flexible assembly and production, warehousing and logistics. Our expertise in full-metal sensing technology also brings you the most durable all-metal tags available in low-frequency technology. Our high frequency system allows up to 253 addresses to be accessed from a control console. Use our RFID solutions to eliminate costly errors in complex operations, maximize quality and speed-to-market, and rationalize material flow.

Contrinex High Frequency RFID Distributors
High Frequency

Contrinex high frequency RFID technology (13.56 MHz) is ISO/IEC 15693 compliant and therefore not limited to a specific manufacturer’s transponders. Up to 253 R/W modules can be connected directly to an RS485 network. Fieldbus interfaces are available for connecting up to 32 RWMs. A Contrinex USB adaptor can connect a network of up to 10 RWMs for direct control by a PC. RWM address is selectable by potentiometer, or programmable with ConID HF software. Tags have 160 bytes of user memory in 40 blocks of 4 bytes each. Memory blocks can be password protected and an anticollision algorithm allows each RWM to recognize up to 5 tags. Read/write distances extend to 60 mm.

Contrinex Low Frequency RFID Distributors
Low Frequency

Contrinex low frequency RFID technology (125 kHz, operating frequency: 31.25 kHz) features not only conventional metal/PBTP components, but also a range of all-metal read/write modules and transponders in stainless steel. These devices have high resistance to mechanical shocks and are particularly well suited to difficult operating environments with exposure to harsh cleaning, chemicals, water.