Datalogic offers a best-in-class, comprehensive product portfolio of photoelectric and proximity sensors, rotary encoders, temperature controllers and measurement devices. These Datasensor product lines provide solutions for applications involving color, contrast and luminescence, label detection, dimensional and distance measurement. Datalogic photoelectric sensor is a device used to detect the distance, absence or presence of an object, as well as to distinguish different items on the basis of their light absorption and reflection properties. Datasensor photoelectric sensor consists of an emitter and receiver unit, coupled by either a modulated LED or LASER light beam. Photoelectric sensors are available in three different functional types depending the environment and the detection objects physical properties: through beam, retroreflective, and proximity. These sensors are ideal for generic industrial applications such as counting, presence control, or automatic positioning. In addition, Datalogic offers solutions in a variety of applications such as contrast reading, distance and area measuring, as well as luminescence and color detection.