Datalogic offers a best-in-class, comprehensive product portfolio of photoelectric and proximity sensors, rotary encoders, temperature controllers and measurement devices. These Datasensor product lines provide solutions for applications involving color, contrast and luminescence, label detection, dimensional and distance measurement. Datalogic photoelectric sensor is a device used to detect the distance, absence or presence of an object, as well as to distinguish different items on the basis of their light absorption and reflection properties. Datasensor photoelectric sensor consists of an emitter and receiver unit, coupled by either a modulated LED or LASER light beam. Photoelectric sensors are available in three different functional types depending the environment and the detection objects physical properties: through beam, retroreflective, and proximity. These sensors are ideal for generic industrial applications such as counting, presence control, or automatic positioning. In addition, Datalogic offers solutions in a variety of applications such as contrast reading, distance and area measuring, as well as luminescence and color detection.
Datalogic Capacitive Sensors Distributors
Datasensor capacitive sensors are noncontact proximity devices suitable for detecting metals, nonmetals, solids, and liquids. The oscillating circuit is influenced by variations in capacity. When any material comes close to the active face, the capacity of the sensor varies and, if the threshold distance is passed, Datalogic sensor switches the state of its outputs. Like for the inductive sensors, the operating distance is calculated using a square piece of Fe37, with 1 mm thickness. The variation of the capacitance is due to the conductivity or non-conductivity of the different materials. Conductive materials change the capacitance of the sensor, while non-conductive materials change the dielectric constant of the reference capacitor; the sensor feel the variation of the generated electric field by its active sensing face. Datalogic offers a basic range for the Capacitive sensors, M18 and M30 tubular housing, in Direct or Alternated Current, in nickel-plated brass or plastic housing, with timer and sensitivity adjustment trimmer, equipped with the industrial standard outputs, suitable for the most common applications of detection and in the filling level control of the materials.
Datalogic Optical Encoders Distributors
Optical Encoders

Datalogic optical encoders are used for conveyor belt motion control and linear measurement. Incremental encoders produce sinusoidal or square wave outputs, which give an incremental number of pulses per revolution of the shaft. The resolution is defined as Pulse Per Revolution (PPR).Absolute encoders generate a multi-bit digital data information, providing the actual angular position of the shaft. Single-turn absolute encoders repeat the code for every shaft revolution. Multi-turn absolute encoders increase the code at each shaft revolution. Shaft position is retained when the absolute encoder is switched-off, so it can provide the absolute position, as well as rotation speed or direction. Datasensor incremental encoders give a number of pulses per revolution, wheres absolute singleturn or multiturn encoders give a different digital code for each position.

Datalogic Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

Datalogic/Datasensor Proximity Sensors Distributors

Datalogic inductive and capacitive proximity offers a reliable detection where photoelectric is not applicable. Datasensor inductive sensors are used for metal parts at close distance, wheras Datasensor capacitive sensors are suggested for any material inside opaque containers. Datalogic inductive proximity sensors generate a magnetic field from their detection faces. Whenever a detectable object moves into the sensor’s field of detection, Eddy currents build up in the target and dampen the sensor’s magnetic field. This effect triggers the sensor’s output. Since a current in the target is needed for detection, inductive proximity sensors are uniquely suited for detection of all types of metals.

Datalogic Ultrasonic Sensors Distributors

Datalogic ultrasonic sensors offer a reliable distance measurement, based on ultrasounds transmission and reflection, for an accurate positioning control, without influence from object colour or light reflection, also in presence of clear transparent objects, whereas Datasensor ultrasonic fork sensors are used for clear label detection.

Datalogic Sensor Accessories Distributors
Sensor Accessories

Datalogic high-efficiency reflectors for longer operating distance. Micro-prismatic reflectors for high-resolution detection. High-temperature, Extra-flexible, High-efficiency fibers. Fiber optics light array, Fiber units with focussing lens. Datasensor cables with axial or right-angle M8 or M12 connectors. Plastic support and metal bracket for sensor mounting.