Sensor Accessories

Datalogic high-efficiency reflectors for longer operating distance. Micro-prismatic reflectors for high-resolution detection. High-temperature, Extra-flexible, High-efficiency fibers. Fiber optics light array, Fiber units with focussing lens. Datasensor cables with axial or right-angle M8 or M12 connectors. Plastic support and metal bracket for sensor mounting.

Datalogic CS Connectors Distributors

Datasensor CS series offers high-quality connectors, developed to guarantee maximum reliability with particularly compact dimensions in the standard M8x1 and M12x1 formats, can be used to connect photoelectric sensors as well as inductive or capacitive proximity sensors. Datalogic M8 and M12 connectors offer either an axial or radial shape; wired with a 4-pole normalised configuration, with 3, 5, 7 or 10 metre cable. Moreover, the M12 connectors are available in other versions with a 3-pole normalised configuration for a normally open output, or with a yellow PNP output LED and a green power LED. The connector body is in PUR plastic and the cable in PVC with CEI 20-22 flammability class.

Datalogic Fixing Brackets Distributors
Fixing Brackets

Datalogic Automation offers a wide range of brackets to simplify product installation, and accessory lenses to change the focusing detection distance of the sensor when needed.

Datalogic Lenses Distributors

Datalogic Automation offers a wide range of brackets to simplify product installation, and accessory lenses to change the focusing detection distance of the sensor when needed.

Datalogic OF Fiber Optic Cables Distributors

Datasensor OF series offers a complete range of universal plastic fiber-optics, either for through-beam or diffuse and coaxial proximity detection, with free terminals that can be cut and connected to all the sensors with standard holes of 2.2 mm diameter. Together with the standard models, suited to the most diffused applications, other versions for particular requirements are available: high temperature fibers resistant up to 125°C, ultra-flexible fibers with only 2 mm bending radius, high efficiency fibers with enhanced core, fibers with extending coiled cable, thin fibers with only 1 mm external diameter. Datalogic OF series accessories include various additional lenses for focusing, collimating, or deviating the beam; as well as protecting metal sheaths, diameter adapters for thin fibers and universal cutting tools. The updated range supports the TEN series fiber-optic amplifiers in a number of ways.

Datalogic OFA Fiber Optic Cables Distributors

Datasensor OFA series offers advanced fiber optics able to effectively solve critical fiber applications. The fiber array version with parallel beams increases the detection area avoiding vibrations or target position changes. One single fiber array is able to solve applications previously requiring more aligned fibers, such as the detection of small falling objects or casually varying positions. The fixed focus proximity version can be used as background suppression as it ignores objects outside the focusing distance, even if more reflective than target. Typical applications include small object detection, such as electronic components or mechanical parts. The proximity version with 90° optics is the ideal solution for applications with reduced space where the installation of standard emission fibers results impossible. All the fibers of Datalogic OFA series have terminals that can be cut to reduce length and are recommended for use with high-resolution sensors of the S7 series.

Datalogic R Reflectors Distributors

A wide range of prismatic reflectors is available as accessories for retroreflex sensors in order to guarantee excellent operation with infrared, visible red light and polarised emission. Reflectors of the R series satisfy the most varied application requirements, thanks to the different dimensions, shape, mounting possibilities or operating distances. Datasensor R2 and R5 reflectors are standard reflectors, respectively with 48 mm and 75 mm diameters, whereas the R4 and R6 high-efficiency reflectors can be used for longer operating distances. Datalogic R10 and R11 are suitable for specific applications requiring broad surfaces. The R7, R8 and R20 microprism reflectors, suitable for high resolution detection, are available for sensors with laser emission. The R9 reflector is a miniature reflector with a self-adhesive housing fixing system. The self-adhesive reflective tape can be cut according to the required shape and dimensions, and a version for polarised light is available.