Datasensor capacitive sensors are noncontact proximity devices suitable for detecting metals, nonmetals, solids, and liquids. The oscillating circuit is influenced by variations in capacity. When any material comes close to the active face, the capacity of the sensor varies and, if the threshold distance is passed, Datalogic sensor switches the state of its outputs. Like for the inductive sensors, the operating distance is calculated using a square piece of Fe37, with 1 mm thickness. The variation of the capacitance is due to the conductivity or non-conductivity of the different materials. Conductive materials change the capacitance of the sensor, while non-conductive materials change the dielectric constant of the reference capacitor; the sensor feel the variation of the generated electric field by its active sensing face. Datalogic offers a basic range for the Capacitive sensors, M18 and M30 tubular housing, in Direct or Alternated Current, in nickel-plated brass or plastic housing, with timer and sensitivity adjustment trimmer, equipped with the industrial standard outputs, suitable for the most common applications of detection and in the filling level control of the materials.