Datalogic provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

Datalogic Area/Dimension Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic area detection and dimensional measurement are made with light arrays, from 100 to 2500mm controlled height, low or high resultion, operating distance up to 5m, analog output, serial and Ethernet interfaces.

Datalogic Color Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic compact colour contrast sensor use RGB emission for an advanced detection based on intensity and/or chromaticity elaboration, which allow application like object recognition or quality inspection.

Datalogic Compact Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic compact line offers a wide sensor range with improved optics, mechanical and electrical performances, including IP69K stainless steel case and a multivoltage version.

Datalogic Contrast Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic contrast sensors are used for print registration colour mark detection, with white or RGB LED emission, short response time and switching frequency up to 30 kHz.

Datalogic Distance Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic distance measurement is based on Time of Flight (TOF) technology, offering high resolution up to 10 m in direct mode and 100 m in retroreflective mode.

Datalogic Fiber Optic Amplifiers Distributors
FO Amplifier

Datalogic fiber optic sensors are suggested for the detection of small objects, in confined space, in presence of high temperature, with the sensor mounted in cabinet or far from object to detect.

Datalogic Fork/Label Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic fork sensors with slots from 2 up to 120 mm are used for precise and fast detection of labels on rollers or small parts, reaching 25 kHz switching frequency.

Datalogic Luminescence Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic luminescence sensors emit ultraviolet light and detect only visible light converted and reflected from fluorescent objects or marks, independent from the background color and surface.

Datalogic Maxi Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic Maxi photoelectric sensors, with built-in timing and logic functions, are suitable for heavy duty application also with multivoltage and terminal block version.

Datalogic Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic miniature sensor line offers most advanced performances in standard housing with reduced dimensions, available either for Asian and European fixing holes layout.

Datalogic Subminiature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic subminiature is a photoelectric sensor basic line offering through beam, retroreflex polarized and accurate fixed focus proximity models able to guarantee very precise detection, with red LED emission to simplify installation procedures, suitable for applications with reduced spaces.

Datalogic Tubular Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datalogic Standard M18 Tubular photoelectric sensor line offer the widest range of optic functions and version, including plastic or metal case, axial or radial optics, cable or connector.