The AREAscan light grids of Datasensor DS3 series are optoelectronic multibeam devices that can be used to detect, measure and control the position of objects, also transparent and small. Models with 150, 300, 450 or 600 mm detection field height are available, as well as presenting 0.2 - 0.6 m or 0.6 - 1.5 m operating distances. Internal dip-switches for configuration are available on all models, together with the Teach-in setting button with Remote and self-calibration function, LED indicators for the signalling of the device operating and auto-diagnostic status. The synchronisation via cable of the emitter and receiver units guarantees high optic and electromagnetic interference immunity. The integrated electronics eliminates the need for an external control unit. The compact dimensions (35 x 40 mm), easy installation and excellent performances make Datalogic AREAscan light grids particularly suitable to the many different applications of automatic packaging and industrial automation in general.