Datasensor S60 series, standard 50x50x15 mm compact housing, offers all the most advanced optic functions, as well as the universal, available with safety class 1 laser emission. The series presents a complete range of models, including retroreflex with coaxial optics and polarisation filters for the detection of shiny and/or transparent objects, background and foreground suppression, contrast sensors with white light emission for the detection of coloured marks, the sensor with UV emission for the detection of luminescence references and the distance sensor with analogue output. Datalogic basic models for presence detection present trimmer sensitivity adjustment, while the models with the advanced optics are microprocessor controlled and have the patent-covered EASYtouch setting, which gives rapid and precise setting of the switching threshold, with the possibility of remote control, keyboard block and selection of the output delay function. The S60 series offers versions with cable or M12 connection that can be rotated for either straight or right-angle positions. All versions have NPN or PNP output and standard configuration conforming to the EN 60947-5-2 standard.