Datasensor S65-M is the new Long Range Background Suppressor based on light Time Of Flight technology. Datalogic S65-M can easily detect objects at a distance up to 5 m and is ideal for precise and reliable detection applications. Innovative System On Chip technology and risk-free Infrared LED emission deliver valuable cost and safety advantages when compared to laser products. Sensor alignment is quick and easy with the embedded green LED pointer. Datasensor S65-M user interface is simple and intuitive. Product connectivity is flexible and complete with two user configurable outputs driving PNP or NPN loads; models with IO-Link V1.1 connection are also available. The rugged and compact 50 x 50 x 24 mm housing with IP67 protection makes Datalogic S65-M the ideal product for Automated Warehouses, Palletizers, Automotive, Transport & Logistic, Packaging applications and Conveyor Lines. Datalogic's new S65 time of flight sensor is a breakthrough concept in background suppression technology. With advanced OptoASIC, the new S65 background suppressor is a cost effective solution for any application where conventional proximity sensors cannot perform due to technology limitations. Datalogic's new S65 is capable to detect any medium and big size object, with color independency, at longer distance than conventional sensors. The IP67 50x50x25mm S65 compact housing encompasses state-of-the-art technology for the detection of objects with white surfaces up to 5m. The infrared light emission ensures the highest level of human eye protection in any application. Additionally, Datasensor S65’s green LED spot pointer system allows for fast and precise object alignment. This new Time of Flight sensor has an easy-to-use interface and flexible connection capability, with two setting points and two independent switching outputs. Datalogic S65 delivers a flexible and programmable IO-Link standard interface.

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