Datalogic miniature sensor line offers most advanced performances in standard housing with reduced dimensions, available either for Asian and European fixing holes layout.

Datalogic S100 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

Datasensor S100 series, with standard case dimensions of only 20x32x12 mm, sets a new benchmark for miniature photoelectric sensors with several distinctive features. The sensors offer four mounting holes, two threaded holes on the front side and two slotted holes on the back, making it a universal solution, suitable in all layouts and applications. The installation of S100 photoelectric sensor is simple and fast because there are no trimmer or push-buttons to adjust, also guaranteeing an anti-tampering function. All Datalogic models are provided with M8 connector or 2m cable version, with either NPN or PNP outputs. An external input can be used to select Light/Dark mode or even the distance in the Background Suppression model.

Datalogic S3Z Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

The high operating distances and cost-effective price, makes Datasensor S3Z series in the miniature format with dimensions and standard fixing affirmed in the market, in particular in Far-East. Different Datalogic models are available: 15 through beam, 4 m polarised retroreflex, 70 cm diffuse proximity and narrow beam for between 50 and 150 mm. Moreover, a new 5 to 25 cm background suppression model with multi-turn mechanical trimmer setting is available. Versions with NPN or PNP output, with dark or light operating mode and with cable or M8 connection are foreseen. The plastic housing is completely overprinted, guaranteeing maximum mechanical protection also in presence of frequent washing.

Datalogic S45 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Distributors

The newest high performance Datalogic S45 has been developed in the standard miniature housing most largely diffused in Europe. Space and cost saving, even with high performance Datasensor models, including Laser and distance sensor. Diffuse proximity 800 mm and Laser 250 mm Bkgd suppr 200 or 400 mm and Laser 120 mm RRX pol 6 m, Laser 13 m, Coaxial 2 m Through-beam 13 m and Laser 18 m Distance sensor 20-80 mm or 30-200 mm