Edwards Signaling MC2-20R07 is designed specifically for high-priority messaging. With the message center, you can communicate critical, time-sensitive information specifically to individuals who need it - when they need it. Your messages will be received at the appropriate time, without the delay and clutter often associated with memos, bulletin board announcements and e-mail. Because of its size, the MC2-20R07 is also suited for delivering advertising messages for products or services to customers waiting for tellers or at point-of-sale terminals. In addition, it delivers information to visitors, clients and patients in lobbies and waiting rooms. Using light, color and motion that's guaranteed to attract attention, the MC2-20R07 lets you communicate important messages on a on-to-one basis. They can be strategically placed inside help-desk and customer service work stations/cells, offices, information desks, and lobbies so that priority data is immediately and easily available. Whether you are updating a plant supervisor with a production run change or several customer service representatives with individual call waiting/cue information, the applications for the MC2-20R07 are unlimited. The MC2-20R7 stands directly on a desktop or counter. The units may be wall mounted using the supplied hardware. For use indoors in commercial and industrial environments.