5540M Series

Edwards Signaling 5540M Millennium Central Tone Generator has been designed for applications where simultaneous signaling of a high decibel, heavy duty signal is required. The tone generator assures a synchronous signaling sound from all remote speakers. The Millennium Central Tone Generator produces the 55 standard Adaptatone sounds. Four tones may be activated from field-wired, normally open contacts, or a 24VDC or 120VAC external voltage source such as an output of a PLC. Normally open contacts can be obtained from the Cat. No. 5538-4 or Cat. No. 5538-4R Adaptatone Signal Actuator. The tones are selected by setting miniature dip switches within the unit. The programmed tones operate on a pyramid-type priority system. On-site volume control is accomplished by adjusting the conveniently located volume control inside the unit. The 5540M-485Y6 is designed to be connected to RS485 networks, allowing full serial signaling communication control. Adaptatone Signaling Systems are designed for industrial applications calling for high decibel output and microprocessor reliability combined with simultaneous signal delivery over all speakers included in the system. Typical applications include: emergency warning systems, plant evacuation alarms, security intrusion sirens, process monitoring, shift start-and-dismissal horns, and paging signals.

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