5560M Series

Edwards signaling 5560M Millennium Mini-Mi is a compact tone and voice generator which is completely modular in construction. The 5560M base unit is supplied with or without a 110 candela strobe. One of five optional modules may be installed in the base unit. The 5560M is configured for stand-alone operation when installed with the 556T-M Tone Module Baord. One tone may be dipswitch selected from a field of 55 tones and will be played whenever power is applied to the unit. When installed with the 556T-M485 Tone Module Board, any of the available 55 tones can be activated over a RS485 Network. When configured with the 556V-M Voice Module Board, the unit is capable of stand-alone voice operation. When power is applied to the unit it will play up to 20 seconds of one pre-recorded, field programmed voice message. The 5560M is capable of system operation when fitted with an audio coupler board. The 556A-M Audio Coupler Board allows the Mini-Mi to be operated as a system speaker amplifier over any system that outputs 10, 25, or 70.7V RMS. Audio input voltage is selected on the audio coupler through an onboard jumper. The 5560M Mini-Mi may also be used as a system signal on an RS485 network using the 556A-M485 Audio Coupler Module Board. Diode oplarized fire alarm models are available with and without the 110 candela strobe. The fire alarm models operate from 16 tro 33V DC and are available in standard white or red Lexan housings.

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