5533M Series

Edwards Signaling 5533M Adaptatone Signal is an explosionproof, heavy-duty industrial, tone-selectable, signaling device capable of producing volume-controlled, high-decibel tones. The signal accepts up to two contact closures and delivers two audible output signals selected from the 55 tones available. The two tones may be selected by setting miniature switches within the unit. One of the tones can be assigned a priority status to override the other tone. The electrical inputs activating the Adaptatone Signal are received from field-wired, normally open contacts or from the Cat. No. 5538-4 Adaptatone Signal Actuator. (Not suitable for hazardous locations.) The 5533M Adaptatone mounts on any surface using three bolts. For use where a high decibel sound is required for alert or evacuation in hazardous locations. Typical applications include signaling use in mining, granaries, flour mills, tankers, refineries, laboratories, spray booths, and other hazardous locations.

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