Edwards Signaling horn/strobes are high quality signals intended for use in cUL general signaling applications. The strobes flash at 1 fps across their full operating voltage range. Models 867STR(*)-AQ, 868STR(*)-AQ and 869STR(*)-AQ potentially generate timing signals or pulses above 9 kHz and therefore have been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Edwards 860 Series Horns Distributors
860 Series

Edwards Signaling 860 Series xenon beacons with horns are bright, low current, high decibel, combination signals designed for use where a distinctive visual or audible signal is required. The housing is made of gray, engineered thermoplastic. The strobe and horn can be operated independently. The 867STR (indoor) and 868STR (outdoor) Series can be surface mounted on the supplied surface box. The 869STR and 869DSTR Series beacons can be flush mounted. They are designed to mount in a standard 4" (102mm) square electrical box with extension ring (total min. depth of 3" (75mm) not supplied.) The 869DSTR Series is Diode Polarized for use in electrically supervised circuits.