Edwards Fire Alarm Systems

Edwards Signaling Kidde has been a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of leading edge fire alarm signals and systems for over 130 years. Selecting the right industrial fire alarm signal involves more than calculating decibel levels or choosing one light source over another. It involves ensuring that a signal can operate properly and effectively in the environment in which it will be used. Edwards Signaling Kidde also produce ESL smoke detectors and fire alarm products as well as Moose control products.

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Initiating Devices

Through both manual and automatic signal activation, for standard or adverse locations, Edwards Signaling initiating devices, provide early detection of smoke, heat, and fire. Single and double action pull stations allow immediate manual activation. From advanced thermistor technology to self-diagnostic and multi-criteria sampling, Kidde heat and smoke detectors provide reliable detection of fire and heat. Whatever your initiation needs may be - Ask Edwards!

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Notification Appliances

From integrated life safety systems to intuitive programming and configuration, all of Kidde products undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout their development to make sure they live up to the highest expectations of you, our customer. Edwards Signaling's premier fire alarm products are engineered for the highest standards of quality, durability and performance. Look to Edwards for fire safety.

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Fire Alarm Panels

Edwards Signaling offers powerful solutions that protect people and property with some of the most innovative fire alarm technology ever developed. Serving Fortune 500 and other leading worldwide companies, Kidde fire alarm products perform to the exacting standards required to ensure workplace safety.

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Stand Alone Detectors

Edwards Signaling 517T Series Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are designed for multi-family, residential and institutional occupancies defined by NFPA 101, in compliance with UL 217 and NFPA 72. Available in several different configurations, the 517T series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and deliver outstanding performance wherever reliable fire protection is required. Edwards Kidde 517TCSB Series Photoelectric Single Station Smoke Alarms are designed to give reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are required. The series features a 90 dB solid state piezo signal and a 177 Candela strobe with "FIRE" lettering.

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Voice Evacuation/Notification

Fire Detection and Alarm Equipment represent one of the most important investments any organization will ever make. The most important signals are the ones you hope you never need. Edwards Signaling Kidde has been a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of fire alarm systems for over 140 years.

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Fire Alarm System/Device Accessories

Edwards offers powerful solutions that protect people and property with some of the most innovative fire alarm technology ever developed. Edwards Kidde Fire Alarm Systems are protecting people and property every day, from casinos in Las Vegas to the Library of Congress.