Edwards Signaling FSRRM24 Remote Relay Module is one component of the system that sets the Fire Shield ahead of its class. The module has five Form C relays rated at 1 amp each. It can be configured to function in either a zone relay mode or a common system mode. When configured in the zone relay mode, relays energize when the associated IDC is in the alarm state. The module can be configured for activation by IDCs 1-5 or 6-10. One relay is automatically associated with each IDC. When configured in the common system mode, relays energize or de-energize when the panel changes state. One relay is available for each of the following functions: Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Power and monitor. Kidde FSRRM24 mounts on a plastic snap track (included) or the FSRRM-S11 (optional) extended snap track. Each FSRRM-S11 holds up to 4 FSRRMs. Using either snap track the FSRRM can be installed in the MFC-A multi function cabinet or another listed fire alarm enclosure. Panels will support two RRMs of each configuration for a total of six on the 10-zone panel.

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