Manual Override Relays

Edwards Signaling MR600 Series Relays provide SPDT, 10 Amp contacts with manual override capability by means of an ON-AUTO-OFF switch. Kidde relay requires a 24 Vac or 24 Vdc power source supplied by the controlling system. With the switch in the ON position the power relay is energized. With the switch in the AUTO position the relay is allowed to operate as signaled by the controlling system. With the switch in the OFF position the relay cannot be energized. Each relay position contains a high intensity LED which, when illuminated, indicated the relay coil is energized. Individual relay circuits may be snapped apart from standard four or eight-position modules, and are also available in the single circuit configuration. The common power to each relay position is bussed on the printed wiring board which permits power to be connected only once per multi-position module. These devices are ideal for applications where local or remote contacts are required for control of electrical loads. They are suitable for use with HVAC, Temperature Control, Fire Alarm, Security, Energy Management and Lighting Control Systems.

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