SC10U Series

Designed to provide an early response to fast burning fires, Edwards Signaling SC10U-3 ionization detector provides reliable sensing of both visible and invisible products of combustion, for a range of conventional fire alarm applications. The detectors advanced design and proven response make it effective in risk areas where materials such as oil, spirits, wood or paper may be stored. Featuring an advanced dual chamber, single source design, the detector automatically compensates for environmental changes such as atmospheric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature. A high intensity, red LED indicator situated on the detector molding provides clear indication when the unit is in alarm. For ease of removal, SC10U-3 detectors plug into the CSBU-1 base unit by a simple twist and lock action. In order to prevent unauthorized remal, a site selectable option is provided to lock the detector into its base. Once applied, the unit can only be removed by means of a special tool (Cat. No. EC-PST). See specifications for mounting box options and terminal sizes. Kidde SC10U-3 detectors are monitored for detector removal. When a detector (or detectors) is removed from its base, a fault condition is detected. To ensure operational reliablility, all detectors have moldings constructed of fire retardant plastic, feature surface mount technology with all components conformally coated to seal against dust and moisture.