SD Series

Edwards Signaling SuperDuct SD Series duct detectors offers the convenience of modular design plus the power of advanced sensing technology. Available in a two wire version or a four wire version with separate controllers able to serve two detectors, installers have the freedom to configure the SuperDuct to suit the tight spaces typical of duct applications - and still have ready access to field connections and maintenance features. Kidde SuperDuct's advanced circuit board-mounted photoelectric sensor is an integral part of the detector assembly and features environmental compensation that does away with sensitivity drift once and for all, ensuring unparalleled stability and reliability even under harsh environmental conditions. With its innovative remote test station, SuperDuct detectors can be tested for dirt contamination remotely, eliminating the need to physically access the detector with a sensitivity tester. This feature saves countless hours of fumbling with ladders and climbing into awkward spaces. The four wire version's snap-in RJ45 connectors reduce time spent on controller/detector interconnection to just a few seconds, while sampling tube spacing - and even field wiring connections - match standard configurations, making SuperDuct a drop-in alternative to bulky, outdated products on the market today. With a wide range of available accessories, SuperDuct provides a simple-to-install, easy-to-maintain, and highly-reliable solution for duct smoke detection needs.

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