E Series

Kidde intelligent modules are engineered to deliver high-performance features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality. From control of ancillary equipment, to enhanced signaling functionality, these products add flexibility and powerful options to Edwards Signaling intelligent systems. Designed expressly for small buildings, Edwards Signaling modules are addressable devices that are uniquely identifi ed on the system by means of familiar rotary switches. Once registered, they share data and update status information that determines how the system behaves and how connected devices interact with one another. Unique to Edwards Signaling modules is ground fault detection so precise that it actually pinpoints the specific module where the wiring problem has occurred. This saves hours of troubleshooting and wire tracing. And only Edwards Signaling provides this important feature! The Edwards Signaling family of intelligent modules also offers contractors and installers simple setup and installation, while delivering options that take full advantage of intelligent fire alarm processing. With a microprocessor in each device, intelligence is distributed throughout the system so that command decisions are made instantly at the individual module, rather than bottlenecking at the control panel. This not only speeds event processing, it also makes a more robust and reliable system - so robust, in fact, that when upgrading from a conventional panel to a Edwards Signaling intelligent system, you can usually use existing wiring - no twisted or shielded cable required!