EGC-S Series

Edwards Signaling Genesis ceiling speakers are small, compact, and attractive audible emergency signaling devices. Protruding no more than one inch from the ceiling, Genesis speakers blend with any decor. Signals feature textured housings in architecturally neutral white. An ingenious iconographic symbol is code-compliant and is easily recognized by all building occupants regardless of what language they speak. Models with "FIRE" markings are also available. Kidde Genesis ceiling speakers feature 1/4W to 2W operation, which is selectable with a conveniently-located switch. The wattage tap setting remains clearly visible even after final installation, yet it is locked in place to prevent movement after installation. All Genesis ceiling speakers include a DC blocking capacitor to allow electrical supervision of the audio distribution circuit. Models for 25Vrms and 70Vrms audio circuits are available. The mylar speaker with its sealed back construction is extra durable, is impervious to moisture and provides improved audibility. All models are intended for indoor ceiling or wall applications only. Speakers are flush mounted to a North American 4" square electrical box, 2 1/8" (54 mm) deep or a European 100 mm square box. Genesis ceiling speakers simply unlatch and twist to open. This gains access to mounting screws. The shallow depth of Genesis devices leaves ample room behind the signal for extra wiring. Once installed with the cover in place, no mounting screws are visible.