Edwards Signaling E-FSA250 life safety system offers the reliability of analog/addressable fire detection for small to mid-sized applications. Built to provide years of trouble-free service, this system benefits building owners and installers with rotory device addressing, optional Ethernet connectivity, and a full line of easy-to-configure option cards and modules. Kidde E-FSA250 provides one Class A or Class B analog/addressable device loop that supports up to 127 devices. A second 127-point loop may be added to the E-FSA250 to expand total system capacity to up to 254 device addresses. The panel includes four NACs that may be wired for either Class A or Class B operation. Two fully-programmable front panel switch/LED combinations provide an added measure of flexibility. Their slide-in labels take the mystery out of custom applications, and present a clean finished appearance. The E-FSA250 is particularly well-suited to retrofit applications. All connections are made over standard wiring - no shielded cable required. This means that in most situations existing wiring can be used to upgrade a legacy control panel to E-FSA250 technology without the expense or disruption of rewiring the entire building. E-FSA250 NACs are configurable to fully support Edwards notification appliances. These devices offer precision synchronization of strobes to UL 1971 standards. Enabling this feature allows connected horns to be silenced while strobes on the same two-wire circuit continue to flash until the panel is reset. The E-FSA250 life safety system is supported by a complete line of analog/addressable detectors, modules and related equipment. Consult the Ordering Information section for details. The front panel provides an easy-to-use operator’s interface, as well as all the necessary controls for front panel programming. A large back-lit 80-character LCD displays system status, event details, and programming prompts. Large tactile control buttons are easy to see in low light conditions, and bright multi-color LEDs offer at-a-glance status indication.

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