Machine Safeguarding

Sentrol Industrial is a market leader in the development and manufacture of safety interlock switches and door contacts for industrial applications. Sentrol manufactures a full line of premier security and life safety sensors for professional dealers and installers. Interlogix products include Sentrol magnetic contacts, Sentrol glassbreak sensors and Sentrol and Aritech passive infrared motion detectors. Edwards Signaling's reputation for durability and dependability is based on meticulous manufacturing standards and stringent testing procedures. GE Security's worldclass manufacturing has earned ISO 9001 certification for quality. Sentrol's manufacturing standards and attention to detail virtually eliminate out-of-box failures. Highly accurate magnetic contact sensors provide reliable detection of unwanted activity. Interlogix offers a wide selection of wired and wireless options, from discreet, low-profi le models to heavy-duty sensors with rugged housings for the most robust applications. All Sentrol models are designed to install quickly and easily for complete security that is convenient and cost-effective.

FD Series Rope Switch
FD Series
Edwards Signaling FD Series includes mechanical safety switches which are used to detect the opening of machine guard doors, gate, or panels and to prevent physical access to dangerous areas of the machine.
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Interlock Switches

Sentrol Industrial GuardSwitches are non-contact, magnetic devices consisting of a switch and a magnet actuator. They are extremely tolerant of misalignment and the build-up of dirt, grease and other contaminants. The typical air gap between actuator and switch is 0.5" to 1.0". This allows easy installation and a margin for the usual "settling out" shift that occurs in machine guard doors and gates. GE Interlogix GuardSwitches actuate through wood, aluminum, stainless steel or any other nonferrous material. This allows the interlock switches to be concealed in the machine for added protection against tampering. In addition, all switching elements are hermetically sealed, so they can be installed in dirty or corrosive environments.

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Mechanical Safety Switch

Sentrol Industrial Safety switches are used to detect the opening of machine guard doors, gates or panels and to prevent physical access to dangerous areas of the machine. Safety switches are designed to help deter tampering with either the internal machine controls or guards while in an unsafe condition. All mechanical safety switches are equipped with positive opening contacts that open any normally closed contacts to assure machine shutdown when an unsafe condition is detected. Safety switches are furnished completely assembled, ready to mount to the machine.

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Door Contacts

Sentrol has earned its leadership position in the manufacture of door contacts by pioneering advances such as the use of multiple reeds, “wide gapping” and numerous features that reduce false alarms. Sentrol Industrial has developed a range of innovative designs to assure both greater sensitivity and complete reliability, even in the most demanding environments. With over 400 magnetic contact sensor models to choose from, Sentrol offers the most comprehensive line of door contact and peripherals available. Built for durability and dependability, Sentrol door contacts are conservatively rated at 10,000,000 cycles, ensuring long life. Every reed connection is hand soldered and the reeds in many models are environmentally sealed. Interlogix door contacts are tested before they leave the factory - 100% of the time. Edwards Signaling's world class manufacturing standards and attention to detail virtually eliminate all out-of-box failures. You can install Sentrol magnetic contacts quickly and with every confidence in their reliability. Many residential and commercial applications for door contact & magnetic sensors are similar. Residential users, however, will typically be more concerned with appearance than commercial users. Commercial considerations include specific issues such as how to protect valuables in storefront windows or display cases, how to protect steel doors and windows, and how to protect trucks at loading docks. Interlogix magnetic contacts are particularly suited for use on a 24-hour loop to protect occupied areas. Under the Sentrol brand, GE Security provides professional installers with a wide range of door contacts, acoustic and seismic sensors to meet the demands of both large and small applications. For over 30 years, Sentrol has led the industry with exceptional products that are designed to be reliable and easy to install. Interlogix owns patents on many of our high security and specialty contacts. Choose from Sentrol's complete line of recessed mounts, surface mounts and specialty mounts for providing perimeter security of facilities ranging from commercial, industrial and residential.

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When first applying Sentrol Industrial INT Safety Monitor Relay, the inputs must be cycled to check for proper operation before the output contacts close. To cycle the inputs, the guard must be opened and then closed. This start-up test is sufficient; however, we recommend that the proper operation of the switches and relay be checked at least every 24 hours.

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Magnets & Accessories

Sentrol Industrial magnets and accessories for non-contact interlock switches/position sensors.