105XBRi Series

Edwards Signaling 105XBRi Series XTRA-BRITE LED Multi-Status Indicator is a heavy duty, reliable UL and cUL listed, multi-color visual signaling device. It features a corrosion resistant Type 4X enclosure that is UL Listed for Marine use, and can be panel or conduit mounted. The base is manufactured from glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester resin and the double fresnel lens is made of shatter resistant polycarbonate. The lights are available in 24V DC and 120V AC @ 50/60 Hz, in either Red/Blue/Amber or Red/Green/Amber. The Chameleon 105XBRi devices ship as standard with Edwards Signaling's XTRA-SAFE Technology (patent pending) Enabled. XTRA-SAFE multi-status indicating devices employ patented combinations of color AND flash-rate to provide more definite status indication to those who are color-blind. With XTRA-SAFE, when Chameleon multi-status indicators are turned red, they pulse at a rate of 240 flashes per minute, further emphasizing the urgency which the color red typically connotes. When amber, these devices pulse at a "less urgent" rate of 120 flashes per minute. When Chameleon multi-status indicators are turned blue or green and no other colors are energized, the Chameleon devices remain "steady-on" and do not flash. Even in extreme cases where no color is perceived, flash-rate variation provides a redundant layer of visual indication.

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