113 Series

Edwards Signaling Machlight Status Indicators are Pre-Assembled three high stacklights designed to be used for machine and process control multi-status indication. Lens colors are arranged in the following top to bottom order: red, amber, and green. The Machlight is available in 24V AC/DC and 120V AC. There are two basic mounting models: surface and pipe mounting. The surface mount unit is supplied complete with mounting hardware. The pipe mount version is supplied complete with a 10" (254 mm) mounting pole with the hardware necessary to pole mount the light to a horizontal surface. The pipe mount version is also supplied with a side mount bracket that can be used to fix the light to the vertical side of a machine or control cabinet. The Machlight utilizes a diffusion fresnel lens for increased viewing area while maintaining a small, 2" (52 mm) lens diameter. Lenses can be easily rearranged by removing the top retaining screw and simply sliding the lens assemblies off of the stack. Edwards Machlights are particularly effective in high noise areas where ear protection must be worn and audible signals may not be heard or understood. They can advise personnel in manufacturing and process control areas when an operation is starting or stopping or to signal an equipment malfunction.

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