RX/TX Surface Mount Converter

Encoder Products Company RX/TX Converter converts a Push-Pull or NPN encoder output to an RS422 compatible differential Line Driver output. In addition, it will also convert Line Driver/RS422 encoder output to single ended signals (Push-Pull) for compatibility with certain PLC's. Each converter has two independent channels: Channel 1 is equipped with a differential Line Receiver on the input. It then converts these differential signals (A, A’, B, B’, Z, Z’) to Push-Pull output signals (A, B, Z), with an amplitude equivalent to Vcc. Channel 2 will convert single ended signals from a Push-Pull or NPN Open Collector encoder to Differential Line Driver signals. Differential Line Driver signals include complementary outputs A’, B’, and Z’ which offer greater immunity to electrical noise, signal distortion, and interference, especially with long cable runs. To provide differential signals for data transmission over long distances between a push-pull, or NPN open collector transmitter and receiver. To enable devices with different output/input circuits to be connected. To properly terminate differential signals to eliminate/reduce signal distortions.