RX/TX Surface Mount Splitter

Encoder Products Company RX/TX Splitter has one input and two separate output channels. There are two different types of inputs available. One input type is a differential line receiver where differential input signals (A, A’, B,B’,Z,Z’) are split into two identical differential output channels. Alternatively, the input can be configured for a single ended Push-Pull, NPN, Open Collector, or Pull-Up encoder (A,B,Z), which will split the signal into two independent differential line driver outputs (A, A’, B,B’,Z,Z’). Refer to the block diagram below for the signal flow through the device. Line Driver signals include complementary outputs A’, B’, and Z’, and offer greater immunity from electrical noise, signal distortion, and interference especially with long cable runs. The output signal can be approximately 5 VDC or a voltage amplitude equivalent to the RXTX supply (Vcc). To order, choose the type of input (differential or single ended), the expected encoder signal voltage and the voltage output options. Use the RXTX Splitter ordering guide below to establish the stock number. To split differential, or single ended signals for data transmission over long or short distances to two different devices. To properly terminate differential signals to eliminate/reduce signal distortion. To increase output current drive capability in order to drive multiple receivers. To split the input signal and provide the two output channel drivers with differing voltage outputs.