Direct Replacements

When you have a machine down, you do not have time to waste. At EPC, we understand that, so we offer popular configurations as Direct Replacement Encoders ready for Fast Delivery! After decades of successfully cross referencing and retrofitting thousands of domestic and off-shore encoders, we know how to help you find the right replacement. And we can ship it out fast.

Accu-Coder DR011 BEI EX152 Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR011 BEI EX152

Accu-Coder DR011 is the smart direct replacement choice for the BEI EX152 encoder commonly used on postal sorting equipment, baggage systems, and packaging/conveying equipment. This exact replacement has the added benefit of an attached cable, saving a technician time by not having to solder wires to a circuit board. Improved sealing means a longer life with increased protection. If you need to replace a BEI EX152, save yourself both time and money and order the DR011.

Accu-Coder DR21R RCH20D RHS25D Renco Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR21R RCH20D RHS25D Renco

The Accu-Coder DR21R is a highly customized, Direct Replacement Encoder with a unique, OEM-specific ABS stepped voltage output channel. DR21R configurations replace select Renco RC H20D and RHS25D models (These models have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and are increasingly difficult to find and costly to replace.) originally installed on legacy F, H, W, N and HSM servo motor models. An exact mechanical and electrical cross-reference for these obsolete Renco configurations, the DR21R also incorporates EPC’s advanced Opto-ASIC sensing technology, providing superior thermal stability and signal reliability. The DR21R is available in 4 to 6 working days, with a Next Day Expedite option available, and it is fully backed by EPC's industry best 3-year warranty.

Accu-Coder DR274 Microcut Controller Perfecta Printing Press Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR274 Microcut Perfecta Press

For many years, Encoder Products Company supplied an encoder to Goldengate Microsystems for their "Microcut" Controller, often used as backstop gauges in the printing and binding industry. Perfecta USA manufactures printing presses that use this Microcut Controller. With the RJ45 connector, replacement of this encoder is usually as simple as just plugging it in.

Accu-Coder DR323 Videojet Printer Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR323 Videojet Printer

Encoder Products Company DR323 is a common encoder used on legacy Marsh Videojet printers. The encoder is currently sold by Videojet as a kit for Patrion Plus, Overture, Encore, and M8000 ink jet printers. If you are in need of an encoder for your Videojet printer, the DR323 is the perfect solution.

Accu-Coder DR553 Dynapar Rotopulser Series 60 Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR553 Dynapar Rotopulser 60

The Accu-Coder™ DR553 is a direct replacement encoder for the Dynapar Rotopulser Model 60. These encoders are used on Ink Jet printers, cut to length applications, motor drive speed feedback, and a variety of other applications. If you have tried to order the Rotopulser 60 you may have encountered long lead times. The DR553 from Encoder Products Company is the perfect substitution for the Rotopulser 60. Order the DR553 as a Direct Replacement Encoder for Videojet Triumph and Excel Printers!

Accu-Coder DR580 Dynapar H23 Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR580 Dynapar H23

The Accu-Coder™ Direct Replacement Encoder DR580 is an exact substitute for the Dynapar H23 used on Magnetek Vector/Inverter Duty motors. Available with CPR’s of 1024 or 2048, Encoder Products Company DR580 is a heavy duty, rugged industrial encoder capable of withstanding higher temperatures and shock than the Dynapar H23. With either a body mount, or in-line connector option, the DR580 will provide a simple direct fit installation with superior performance for your motor mount application.

Accu-Coder DR651 DRC 29L Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR651 DRC 29L

The Accu-Coder™ DR651 is EPC’s Direct Replacement Encoder for the DRC 29L. The DR651 is a heavy duty, rugged 2.0" encoder designed for harsh industrial environments such as machine tools and robotics. The DR651 is an exact mechanical fit to the DRC 29L - a large shafted encoder with Servo hub, CPR, and Connector mount options. But the similarities stop there. The DR651 can withstand 80 lb axial load, 60 lb radial load, and 75 g of shock, as compared to the DRC 29L’s 30 lbs of load and 50 g of shock. Select the DR651 for a more durable rugged replacement for the hard to find, DRC 29L.

Accu-Coder DR686 Siemens 1XP8001 Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR686 Siemens 1XP8001

Designed as a drop in replacement for the Siemens 1XP8001 encoder, Accu-Coder DR686 is ready for delivery. The unique threaded shaft made this encoder hard to find, but it is a standard order at EPC. Configurations can be ordered with either 1024 or 2048 CPR, with a 12 pin connector at the end of 18" of cable. Save time and money looking for a replacement encoder; The DR686 is the perfect solution!

Accu-Coder DR735 Heidenhain ROD320 Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR735 Heidenhain ROD320

Designed as a drop-in replacement for the Heidenhain* ROD320 encoder, Accu-Coder DR735 meets or exceeds all OEM specifications, and is available with EPC’s competitive pricing, short lead-time, and 3 year warranty. The DR735 is designed to provide precision feedback control for Siemens* 1FT Series Simodrive* motors. It features an improved "Stay in Place" tapered shaft, custom flex mount, various different resolutions, 9" of cable, and a 17 pin connector with the correct Heidenhain* pinout. Replacing both the older ROD320.002 and the ROD 320.005 has never been faster, easier, or more economical thanks to the DR735!

Accu-Coder DR738 REO 444 Style Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR738 REO 444 Style

Accu-Coder DR738 is designed to provide a digital encoder signal format to replace traditional Tacho style feedback devices. The heavy duty bearings and mechanical assembly make the DR738 perfect for those applications requiring a rugged and dependable encoder. Typically replaces encoders from Hubner, Baumer, Tekel, etc. EPC provides fast delivery, technical support, and repair services.

Accu-Coder DR86A Heavy Duty Machine Tool Direct Replacement Encoders Distributors
DR86A Heavy Duty Machine Tool

Encoder Products Company model DR86A is an extra heavy duty unit that employs a highly reliable Opto-ASIC encoder module mounted within a rugged mechanical housing. The heavy duty sealed bearings, together with double O-ring sealing, makes this encoder a serious and reliable alternative to a wide range of machine tool encoders, and at an economical price.