Fairchild Accessories

All of our accessories complement our complete line of control products. Transducer manifold and rack mounting kits, pressure gauges, strip pressure gauges, panel loading stations, calibrators, automatic drain filters, and natural gas filters offer high quality and precision typical of all Fairchild products.

Fairchild Automatic Drain Filters
Automatic Drain Filters

The Fairchild Automatic Drain Filter Series is designed for use in systems that require clean, oil-free air. This series consists of a particulate filter and two coalescing filters with automatic drains. You can easily replace all filter elements.

Fairchild Filter Regulator Products
Filter Regulator Products

Take full advantage of compressed gases in pneumatic systems. The gas must be adequately prepared. Fairchild's new FR preparation packages provide clean and dry air essential for optimum performance of pneumatic systems. With their modular construction, the FR units provide compact efficiency, high flow, and superior 5 micron filtration.

Fairchild Manifolds & Rack Kits
Manifolds & Rack Kits

Manifold Kits for the T6000, T7800 and T7950 Series Transducers are available for mounting 3, 5, 10 or 15 transducer units. These manifolds have a common supply port to all the transducers. Supply port connections are provided on the end and rear of the manifold. Outlet ports are located on the rear and bottom of the manifold. All T6000, T7800 and T8000 Rack Kits utilize a 10 unit manifold and include additional hardware to permit installation in a standard 19" Rack.

Fairchild Mini-Panel Loading Stations
Mini-Panel Loading Stations

Models MPL-70 and MPLT-70 Mini-Panel Loading Stations transmit and monitor a pressure signal for pneumatic instrumentation. These loading stations are ideally suited for applications with limited space. The Model MPL-70 includes a Model 70B Pneumatic Subminiature Regulator and a mini-strip gage to set and read pressure at the panel.

Fairchild Panel Loading Station
Panel Loading Station

Models PL-5 and PLT-8 Panel Loading Stations maintain and monitor output pressure for pneumatic instrumentation. The PL-5 includes a regulator (Model 10, Model 30, Model 64/65, or Model 81) and a standard pressure gage that allows operator to set and read pressure at the panel. The PLT-8 includes a regulator (Model 10, Model 30, or Model 64A/65A) and a three-way valve that allows operator to monitor the process in manual or automatic mode.

Fairchild Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

The Fairchild line of 1 1/2", 2", and 3 1/2" diameter Gauges are designed for general use in applications that use gas or liquid medium that is compatible with the brass and brass alloy components in the gauge. Mini Strip Gauges are designed for use in small panel mount applications. Both gauge styles include a receiver gauge configuration designed for the pneumatic transmission of process variables.