Model T5220

As a Fast Response High Flow I/P, E/P Transducer, the Fairchild T5220 has all the performance you want in a voice coil I/P transducer product, but it also includes a built in booster section to deliver high flow capacity, up to 45 SCFM (76.5 m3/HR) with six available rations to allow pressure multiplication to the output. This feature, along with the adjustable positive and negative bias allows you to custom design your control system for exactly the desired performance. The Signal Conversion Section (PC Board) accepts a DC current or voltage. This signal is applied to a coil which creates a magnetic force that moves a Flexure Arm. The Pneumatic Section operates as a force balance system. A Sapphire Ball floats inside a Nozzle and controls the output pressure by exhausting air supplied through an Orifice. This Sapphire Ball acts as a piston exerting a force which is balanced against the force transferred to the Flexure Arm by the Coil. The Booster Section amplifies the output pressure of the transducer.

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