Model 65

The Fairchild Model 65 filter service pressure regulator is a general purpose service regulator with an integral 5 micron filter within its dripwell bowl. In most applications, a filter regulator must provide good filtration and high flow to serve the needs of the system without restricting its performance. The Model 65 service regulator has wider port to port mounting dimensions (3.15", 80 mm) making it the proper choice for field replacement of older style Fairchild and competitive service regulators that have wider mounting port spacing. The Model 65 is well suited to these applications as it has a standard 5 micron filter and has the highest flow capacity of any regulator in its class. In addition, the Model 65 filter service regulator features control sensitivity of 1" water column and an integral relief valve to deliver consistent and reliable performance to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Fairchild Model 65 pneumatic regulator will handle a 300 psi, 20 BAR, maximum supply pressure and offers three (3) output pressure ranges from 0.5-30 psi, 0.03-2 BAR, 3-200 kPa, up to 2-120 psi, 0.14-8 BAR, 14-800 kPa. The Fairchild Model 65 pressure regulator offers up to 25 SCFM, 42.5 m3/hr flow capacity.

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