Model 18

The Fairchild Model 18 Vacuum Relief Regulator is designed for systems that require system vacuum control up to full vacuum. The Model 18 Vacuum Relief Valve uses a force balance principle to open the relief valve and allow atmospheric air to lower vacuum levels when the set point is exceeded. Stability of regulated vacuum or pressure is maintained under varying flow conditions through the use of an aspirator tube which adjusts the inner valve in accordance with the flow velocity. The Model 18 pneumatic vacuum relief regulator features control sensitivity of less than 1/8" water column and a balanced supply valve to deliver consistent and reliable accuracy. The Fairchild Model 18 will handle a 30 in Hg, 762 Torr, 102 kPa maximum supply vacuum and offers three (3) relief vacuum ranges from 4 in Hg, 140 mBar, 14 kPa, up to 30 in Hg, 1000 mBar, 100 kPa. The Fairchild Model 18 pneumatic vacuum relief regulator offers up to 8 SCFM, 68 m3/hr flow capacity.

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