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In today's dynamic technological environment, automation and electronic products must change rapidly to provide versatility while supporting increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems. With this in mind, IDEC creates products to meet the needs of our customers.
IDEC Automation Products Family Distributors

Industrial robots used in the assembly process are driven automaticaly through programmed control while the line is in operation,but workers must operate the machine by hand when changing processes. IDEC safety equipment is widely adopted for such procedures in order to secure the worker's safety and avoid dangers even in an emergency. Our sensors for detecting the presence or absence of, as well as, the volume of the contents on the inspection line. This is in addition to LED illumination units that support visual inspection, effectively used in various inspection processes. A variety of IZUMI products related to traceability are in daily operation, such as laser markers for marking products and barcode readers for sorting and managing shipments. Our programmable controllers and sensors are used in the control of movable barriers for preventing commuters from falling off train station platforms as well as in systems for detecting the position of the train. We support ordering systems in restaurants with touch panel displays for inputting orders and with RFID solutions for managing food freshness etc. IDEC's core product group of switches, pilot lights, and relays take an active part in the control of elevators, parking garages and monitoring systems.

IDEC Hazardous Location Products Distributors
Hazardous Location

A hazardous location is an area where the possibility of fire or explosion can exist due to the presence of flammable or combustible gases or vapors, combustible dusts, or ignitable fibers/flyings. Electric arcs, sparks, and/or heated surfaces can serve as a source of ignition in such environments. IDEC IZUMI offers products specifically developed for hazardous locations.

IDEC Industrial Components Distributors
Industrial Components

The IDEC electrical products address customer needs for protection, safe control and distribution of electrical power in industrial applications. IDEC also offers a full line of electronic protection relays to safeguard equipment from damage and personnel from injury due to electrical faults.

IDEC LED Lighting & Signaling Distributors
LED Lighting & Signaling

IDEC LUMIFA LED light strips consistently supply radiant illumination levels, while producing minimal heat, making them perfect for everything from food displays and freezer units in grocery stores, to machine tools, food processing equipment, printing machines, production systems and more. Whether you need low energy lighting (LF1A), compact lighting (LF1B), super bright lighting (LF1D), lighting rated for water, oil and dust (LF2D), lighting perfect in freezing environments (LF1E) or lighting for visual inspection (LF1F), IZUMI LUMIFA family of LED light strips are the solution! Immediate indication of process status is a must in any application. Realize this goal with IDEC Display Lights: Signalight towers that offer 360 degree visibility from any direction or the SLC series panel mounted pilot light arrays which provide for a more detailed local indication. Both offer a variety of configurations, and either LED or incandescent lamp illumination.

IDEC Machine Safety Distributors
Machine Safety

Safety devices, such as interlock switches and emergency stop switches, and stylish operating switches are used in printing machines and machine tools. IDEC lineup of explosion-proof products employ technical measures to prevent the generation of ignition sources and are in use at sites containing multiple hazards where explosive gases exist. Operating switches and light towers that signal an error in operation, and other IZUMI products, are an essential part of plastic molding machines. IDEC teaching pendants equipped with enabling switches and other safety devices are well-suited for automated systems and industrial robots.

Datalogic/Datasensor Sensors Distributors

Datalogic S50 series offers all optical functions within a M18 housing. With the universal sensing functions of proximity, polarised retroreflex and through beam, which are also available with class 1 laser emission, as well as the more advanced functions of background suppression, background/foreground suppression, analogue displacement, contrast and luminescence, the S50 really is one housing for all applications. The S50 setting is carried out-by either by potentiometer, which is sealed to IP67, or using the patented EASYtouch push-button teach system, which gives rapid and precise automatic setting of the switching points.