Text Display Series

There are four models available on 2 and 4 line character displays. IDEC models HG1X-252 and HG1X-222 have a 16-character, 2-line backlit LCD and six function keys. The models HG1X-452 and HG1X-422 have a 20-character, 4-line backlit LCD with eight function keys and a numeric keypad. The HG1X-252 and -452 models do not require an external power supply. These two models draw power from the PLC port. The HG1X-222 and 422 are 24 VDC and now support RS232 or RS485 communications. These interfaces are compatible with IDEC Micro3, Micro3C and ONC (as well as several other PLCs from other manufacturers), including the new MicroSmart series. IZUMI HG1X-822 is a simple monochrome display with four function keys, an integrated numeric keypad, and navigation keys. It also supports black-and-white bitmap (BMP) images with a maximum size of 128 x 64 pixels Also available is WindMSG, IDEC's Windows based programming tool designed to program the HG1X series of Operator Interfaces. The function keys are all user-definable and can have different functions depending on the active screen. Drivers are available to connect to non-IDEC PLCs.