IDEC MicroSmart CPUs are available in two types of modules, All-in-One and Slim. The All-in-One type has models with 10, 16 and 24 I/O points; the Slim type is available in four different 20 I/O modules and two 40 I/O modules. Each CPU is only 90mm in height and 70mm deep, but i has built-in inputs and outputs as well as standard features like high-speed counters, a RS-232C port and an analog potentiometer. IZUMI Slim type and 24 I/O All-in-One type CPUs can expand into the ideal system using the optional expansion modules. Need more inputs? More outputs? Some of both? There are 18 available expansion modules, including eight analog I/O modules. Depending on your CPU, you can create system with as many as 264 I/O points (40 I/O Slim type CPU with seven expansion modules).