Automation Organizer

Automation Organizer is the IDEC automation software suite that combines the intuitive WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2, NV3, NV4 software with the new system layout and configuration tool, WindCFG, into one package. The combined software will give users a powerful tool to design, debug and document their control systems. Existing Automation Organizer users can easily upgrade their current AO software to the up-to-date version providing all the recent feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes for FREE! Our latest software suite Automation Organizer combines our most intuitive IZUMI WindLDR, WindO/I-NV2, and the new WindO/I-NV3 (FT1A SmartAXIS) and WindO/I-NV4 (HG2G-5T) software with the configuration tool, WindCFG. Try the full version of AO software free for 30 days. Installing the Demo version will expose you to the complete Automation Organizer experience and provide you with access to the intuitive WindLDR PLC, WindO/I-NV2 HMI and WindO/I-NV3 SmartAXIS Touch programming software. In addition you will be able to create projects, save programs, and use every feature found in a fully licensed version. Once you decide to purchase the licensed version you can use any of the saved projects and programs created in the DEMO software. Click below to download or request a mailing of the Demo installation file.