High Performance Series

IDEC High Performance series of touchscreens are high definition TFT LCD displays with resolution of SVGA 800x600 pixels (8.4" to 12.1" display) and VGA 640 X 480 pixels (5.7" display) . With 65,536 available colors to provide realistic images and the brightest displays in the market these screens provide clear, sharp and bright displays even in environments with low light. The 8.4" & 10.4" HG3G and 12.1" HG4G feature a built-in video interface (Video In) and audio interface (Audio In/Out). Using the video and audio interfaces, you can closely monitor machine conditions. You can also play your operation manual as a movie or play movie files to give information or instructions to a user or customer. This makes it easy to explain detailed information and makes it a useful feature when you are troubleshooting. In addition to the remote access capability of IDEC OI Touchscreens and PLCs to upload, download and use Pass through programming via the Ethernet, you can now remotely monitor and control IDEC OI Touchscreens with a web browser on your computer, PDA or Smart phone. This is an efficient way to remotely troubleshoot, test and do maintenance regardless of your location. Whether you are vacation or at your office thousands of miles away, less time and money spent on travel expenses is savings in your pocket! Operations are quick and command response time is immediate with IZUMI HG3G Series. In addition, the touchscreens startup within 3 seconds, improving productivity and allowing faster access to critical programs or problem identification. Depending on model size, up to 4 Microsmart expansion digital I/O modules can be mounted on one OI Touchscreen , eliminating the use of a PLC and saving space in the panel. This also means that the project programming can all be done in the operator interface utilizing parts and scripts to do simple I/O control.